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Infusing Vocabulary Into The Reading-writing Workshop

RRP $324.99

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Learn how to make vocabulary instruction more effective by making better use of mini-lessons and word study time to achieve durable learning about words and how they work. In this essential new book, literacy expert Amy Benjamin presents her "4E" model (Exposure, Exploration, Engagement, Energy) for teaching vocabulary so that students gain deep understanding, improving their overall language and literacy skills. Benjamin guides you through bringing these 4Es to life in your K-8 reading-writing workshop.

-Exposure: Enrich your teacher talk with sophisticated words and phrases to facilitate natural language acquisition and application of new words.

-Exploration: Promote consistent vocabulary growth with a multi-faceted instructional approach that incorporates etymology, word associations, word families, spelling, and morphology.

-Engagement: Build students' confidence by encouraging meaningful use of new words, both in and out of the classroom.

-Energy: Enliven your workshop and increase participation with a variety of word games, puzzles, projects, and cooperative learning activities.

Each chapter provides practical examples and scenarios to help you apply the model to your own classroom. The Appendix includes a variety of strategies for organizing reading-writing workshops, a thorough introduction to academic word lists and their role in vocabulary instruction, and an analysis of 40 Latin and Greek word roots for mini-lessons.

Ye Olde Book Shoppe

RRP $10.99

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Once more, the master storyteller, Paul John Hausleben decides to share more of his storytelling magic for your holiday reading pleasure. He has opened his story vault and dropped off his delightful novelette,"Ye Olde Book Shoppe" as a gift for your Christmas celebration. Following on the heels of his captivating, "The Christmas Tree and Other Christmas Stories, Tales for a Christmas Evening," Mr. Hausleben surprisingly releases this short novelette. Set in the old neighborhood of Harry and Paul adventures, this story will touch and warm your heart, and fill you with Christmas spirit, while it transports you once more to simpler times. This is one of Mr. Hausleben's finest moments, as he tells us this memorable story of simple human emotions set within holiday enchantment. The book includes a wonderful foreword written by P.A. Nichols, a boyhood friend of the author, who proudly states, "And in my opinion, Ye Olde Book Shoppe is his Magnum Opus, until something else comes along to change, my mind or I go back and revisit one of his other books." Ye Olde Book Shoppe will bring the reader back once more to that special neighborhood in the fictional Haterson and Hanedon, New Jersey, where the reader will be lost in a wave of holiday emotion, and meet more unforgettable characters. It is that one special story that you have been searching for to read, for the most wonderful time of the year.

Memoirs Of A Pawnshop Romantic

RRP $13.99

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Welcome to a world where it's Halloween every day. Come in and meet some of the characters I bumped heads with when, out of the blue, I bought a pawnshop after an earlier career as a news and public relations writer, and ad agency owner. In a matter of days, it was as though I had purchased Pandora's Box, opened the lid, and let loose an array of odd, weird, peculiar, goofy, and sometimes drunk, drugged and crazy people . . . like the man who wanted to sell children; the woman who wanted a gun ?that shoots a lot of bullets fast:? the young man standing before me who pulled his own gold-crowned tooth to raise money, and sweet a little old lady named Marion who wept at the memory of the night she met and played in a band with music-legend Glenn Miller. And more . . . Murphy who shot the legs off a man in a botched hold up; the lady who chronicled her childhood incest in poetry and the young girl who stabbed her boyfriend in front of my shop late one night to mention a few more. The truth is, I had always wanted to own and operate a bank. But banks are expensive . . . really expensive! But then, in the middle of my search for a bank, a local pawnshop came on the market. It doesn't take much imagination to see how banks and pawnshops are related . . . both loan money and collect interest. In the end, what sets them apart is the gulf between them, a gulf peopled with an odd array of the hopeful and the hopeless.

Development In An Insecure And Gendered World

RRP $457.99

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The Millennium Declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 and explicit targets were set to eradicate key problems in human development by 2015. This collection focuses specifically on the goals relating to gender issues that are problematic for women. The most relevant and contentious is that of promoting gender equality and empowering women. The book provides an overview of this and investigates literature that considers how gender is central to achieving the other goals. The contributors distinctively consider gender in the context of human security (or insecurity); the reduction and elimination of conflict would seem to be central to achieving targets. One of the major themes of this collection is whether gender insecurity has been exacerbated in an increasingly insecure world. The book considers not only military and civilian conflict in the contemporary era but also security in the broader sense of human development, such as environmental, reproductive and economic security.

How To Open A Successful Pawnshop

RRP $579.99

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The expanded and improved Second Edition of our best-selling How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is written by Norman Gornbein, a former pawnbroker and master jeweler. The book is thorough, clear, and, yes, even entertaining, thanks the author's positive and engaging personality. Norman Gornbein, whose extremely successful pawnshop was featured on CNN, now works as a consultant to existing pawnshops and setting up new pawnshops for a $50,000 fee and up. Hardcore Pawn's facility was set up by Norman Gornbein. How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is all about how Norman Gornbein did it and does it, and how you can do it too. The book includes priceless and detailed information on how to evaluate gold, diamonds, and jewelry. How to Open a Successful Pawnshop covers anything that will be brought into a pawnshop including watches, cameras, electronics, firearms, musical instruments, sporting goods, tools, and even vehicle title loans. Related businesses such as payday loans, providing debit cards, and online pawnshops are also included. In addition, you will be shown how to organize your pawnshop, make it secure, staff it with the right employees, and even fill your pawnshop with a starting inventory at ZERO COST! How to Open a Successful Pawnshop is well worth the price to those who aspire to enter the very profitable business of becoming a pawnbroker-and to established pawnbrokers who want to improve their business.


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