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The New Shop

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What happens when madness meets time-travel ? In The New Shop, grade-A student Toni's world is shattered when his apparently normal life begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Leo, a student from the same neighborhood, experiences profound and disturbing and changes in the society around him. As questions pile up and an extremist movement rises that threatens their very existence, the two boys will have to fight for their own survival, and for everything they've ever held dear.

Bishop And Chapter In Twelfth-century England

RRP $14.99

This book is the first detailed examination on a comparative basis of the economic and political relations between the bishops and their cathedral clergy in England during the century and a half after the Conquest. In particular, it is a study of the structure and historical development of the mensal endowments and the redistribution of wealth which led, in the course of time, to the establishment of the chapter as a largely independent body with substantial political power. A description of the constitutional importance of the mensa and its treatment in recent scholarly writing is followed by a discussion of property rights and liberties in the church and the role of the bishop in ecclesiastical and civil government. The core of the book consists of an analysis based on contemporary sources of the episcopal and capitular organisation in each of the ten monastic and seven secular sees.

Workshop On Microbial Source Tracking In Water

RRP $24.99

The drinking water and wastewater industries are interested in developing a better understanding of sources of fecal contamination. Microbial source tracking (MST) offers the potential to apportion the contribution of various animal groups to this contamination. However, while there are many methods available there is no clear indication as to the most appropriate approach. There has been little systematic comparison of methods and only a few blind trials, and issues of reproducibility, accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, resolution, and robustness need to be addressed. There is confusion among potential end-users and some disagreement among scientists. Therefore, due to the uncertainty surrounding the most appropriate tools and applications of MST, a workshop of 45 experts representing water and wastewater utilities, academia, state and federal government agencies, medical institutions, and private laboratories was convened in San Antonio, Texas over a three-day period (February 16 - 18, 2005). The overall objective of the workshop was to identify the knowledge gaps and research needs for application of MST technologies by the wastewater and drinking water industries.

Environmental Values In A Globalizing World

RRP $518.99

This multidisciplinary volume presents a refreshing new approach to environmental values in the global age. it investigates the challenges that globalization poses to traditional environmental values in general as well as in politics and international governance.
Divided into five parts, the book investigates how environmental values could be reconceived in a globalizing world.
Part I explores contemporary environmental values and their implications for a globalizing world.
Part II examines the development of Western and Eastern environmental values
Part III discusses contemporary environmental politics
Part IV examines how values inform environmental governance and how governance solutions influence which values are realised
Part V concludes the volume with two different views of the prospects of environmental values in a globalising world.

This study will be of great interest to students and researchers studying the environment in philosophy, political science, international relations, international environment law, environmental studies and development studies.

Grasshopper Days And Firefly Nights

RRP $18.99

Whimsical, uplifting and introspective, Ann J White writes from the heart - sharing her foibles, her delight in nature, and her love of home and hearth in this delightful book of poetry. Quick, sometimes humorous, often thought provoking...a delight for those needing a lift in this troubling world.


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