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Cool Shoes

RRP $24.99

Twelve-year old Martin has only just moved to a new town when he encounters some mean kids tormenting a small Jack Russell terrier puppy, lost and alone. Martin saves him, brings him home, and eventually gives him a name-Cool Shoes. Now the puppy has a home and a friend, and Martin knows he'll never be lonely again. Martin's mom and the squirrels take a liking to Cool Shoes, but the puppy needs to play with other dogs, too. One day at the dog park, Martin makes the acquaintance of Zaria, who also owns a Jack Russell. Now both Martin and Cool Shoes have new friends, and together, they can stand up to any foe! The friends need to be strong together, because there are bullies everywhere. Martin and Cool Shoes learn that some people just don't want to get along, but they also learn that all people can get along, if only they try. This is the story of a boy and his rescue dog, but it's also about friendship, family, and the bravery it takes to do the right thing.

The Man Who Lived In A Shoe

RRP $16.99

CHAPTER I Are there any women today, I wonder, like the girl wife of Jacopone da Todi, who are found in the midst of worldly brilliance wearing the hair shirt of piety and devotion over their spotless hearts? I doubt it. It is no wonder that Jacopone, that "smart" thirteenth-century Italian lawyer, became a great saint when he made that discovery, after his beautiful young wife's accidental death. It would make a saint of anybody. I am quite sure Gertrude is not like that. But then Gertrude is not my wife-as yet. Nor am I Jacopone. I am nothing more, I fear, than a contented voluptuary of a bookworm. Like King James, I feel that were it my fate to be a captive, I should wish to be shut up in a great library consuming my days among my fellow-prisoners, the blessed books. To distil the reading of a lifetime into a little wisdom for my poor wits, that has been all my aim and my ambition, if by any name so dynamic as ambition I may call it. An old young man is what I have been called, and Gertrude seems propelled by some potent urge to change me-God knows why. I have just been talking with-I mean listening to-Gertrude. We are to be married, she says, in three weeks. Time out of mind we have been friends, Gertrude and I, as our mothers had been before us. She, the highly modern spinster and I, such as I am, have been linked for years by an engagement which is not an engagement in the old sense at all. It is a sort of entente cordiale. An engagement in the conventional meaning of the word would be as abhorrent to Gertrude as the old-fashioned marriage. As soon would she think of "being given in marriage" with bell, book and orange blossoms as of calling herself "Mrs. Randolph Byrd"-or anything but Miss Bayard. That is what we have been discussing this gloomy afternoon in my snug little apartment before a garrulous fire. For Gertrude is not so absurd as to hesitate to call on me at my apartment any more than I would hesitate to call on her in Gramercy Park.

New Shoes

RRP $20.99

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly need to get some new shoes!

This bright, interactive sound book describes the excitement and fun of going shopping for new shoes and helps young children understand what happens at the shoe shop and what to expect.

From why shoes need to fit properly and how your how feet are measured, to trying different pairs on, all key elements of that exciting first shopping trip are covered.

What shoes do Pirate Pete and Princess Polly like the best? Which are YOUR favourites?

Press the sound button to hear a happy cheer as your child joins in with Pete and Polly's new shoe adventure?

Development Of The Central Nervous System In Vertebrates

RRP $271.99

~he major theme of this book is the development of the vertebrate central nervous system. ~is volume contains summaries of most of the invited participants at the NA~ advanced study institute entitled "Development of central nervous system in vertebrates" held in Maratea, Italy, from June 23-July 5, 1991. In order to address this topic, we have drawn upon a selection of current studies dealing with molecular, cellular and system analysis which specifically pertain to the general principles of the development. ~he major aim of this institute was to bring together a select group of investigators who would present their views on the current issues in their respective fields and to foster extensive discussions amongst participants in smaller groups. Such interactions brought together the exchanges of ideas amongst participants and helped clarify the intricate details and formulate new vistas and collaborations. Since the study of nervous system development has focused mostly on the origin of neuron and glia cells, the area of current research was represented by talks on early cellular events including effects of growth factors, BOX and other gene expressions and cell lineage of specific cell type(s). Formation of specific cell types and the specific neuronal connections have been a major theme in the study of the nervous system development. Recent technical advances has resulted in new information at both cellular and molecular levels which have provided new details. Current research was represented by "selective" topics discussed at the meeting.

How To Build A Horseshoeing Business (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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