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Why Girls Love Shoes

RRP $20.99

Whether sexy stilettos are your passion, or you've just got a thing for leather thigh-high boots, you can feed your addiction with this little gift book.

More than just a necessity, for many women, shoes are our best friend: a favourite pair will cheer up a dull day, give a confidence boost when needed and see us through both good times and bad. It's a lifelong love affair that starts with Cinderella's glass slippers and never ends.

Shoes are, quite literally, an extension of yourself, and if there's one way to add instant glamor to your life, it's with the right pair of shoes. For shoe-obsessed ladies, whose closets are overflowing with slingbacks, wedges, Mary Janes, kitten heels, ballet pumps, and more, these pages will delight and inspire.

Illustrated throughout with stylish artworks by Sam Wilson, shoe-aholics are sure to adore this compendium of little-known facts and quips and quotes about every type of shoe under the sun.

In Their Shoes

RRP $13.99

Throughout our lifetimes, most of us will face different hardships, and create many amazing memories. All of those blend together to make you the person you become. Each of us have a different story, taking a different path. Whether you believe someone has taken the right path or not, it is important to remember that we all want the same things in life - to be happy and to be loved for who we are. In Their Shoes is a collection of short stories that allows you to have a glimpse into someone's life, giving you insight on how it may feel to be them for just a moment.

Vegan On A Shoestring Cookbook

RRP $18.99

If you want to lower your cholesterol, prevent heart disease and lose weight, eating the right food is the best medicine. Eating healthfully is a challenge for those with fast-paced lives; many studies have shown that vegans seem to have a lower risk of heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer. Lots of people have cut out dairy, meat and oils and seen remarkable results.

If you're among them-or you'd like to be-you need this cookbook. Each recipe includes clear step-by-step directions that are easy to follow. "Vegan On A Shoestring Cookbook: Easy Delicious Recipes For A Vegan Diet "makes it simple for busy families or active singles to eat the kind of high-nutrient foods everyone needs and to enjoy the robust flavors everyone craves.

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Fundamentals Of California Litigation For Paralegals

RRP $477.99

Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals offers a complete understanding of the litigation process from the time the client walks into the office through trial and post-judgment. Its balanced approach does not oversimplify the process, but covers the right amount of rules and procedures for students to embrace. Tailored to the California rules, each chapter references the specific California statute where further information can be found. California forms are included throughout the text. Abundant study aids make the material highly accessible and include bold-face terms defined in the glossary; numerous examples, charts, checklists, and sample documents; chapter overviews and summaries; and review questions. The text allows instructors flexibility in choosing topics while still providing a full overview for students. A litigation file at the end contains sample motions, pleadings, and discovery requests that are part of a case. A workbook on CD that comes with the text has five case scenarios based on California law for use in completing assignments and as case studies in class. The updated Fifth Edition includes amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure, California Rules of Court, and Judicial Council forms. The text now incorporates social media tools as part of a litigation practice.


  • balanced approach with just the right coverage, never oversimplified
  • clear and concise explanations of complex rules governing litigation
  • step-by-step process organizes materials around the entire litigation process
  • tailored to the California rules
    • each chapter references a specific California statute for further study
    • California forms included throughout
  • includes settlements and alternative forms of resolution
  • study aids
    • bold-face terms defined in the glossary
    • numerous examples, charts, checklists, sample documents
    • chapter overviews and summaries
    • review questions
  • text allows instructor flexibility in topic coverage while giving students a full overview
  • litigation file at the end of the text
    • sample motions, pleadings, and discovery requests that make up a litigation case
  • workbook on CD
    • answers to the questions posed in the workbook and book
    • a test bank of questions: true-false, short answer and essay
    • projects for research and writing
    • sample forms
    • suggested course outlines
Thoroughly updated, the revised Fifth Edition presents:
  • amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure, California Rules of Court, and Judicial Council forms
  • text that incorporates social media tools as part of a litigation practice

If The Shoe Fits

RRP $15.95

Albert has found a wonderful, beautiful thing in the People's backyard. An old shoe! And it's the perfect clubhouse for him to play inif only he can fit it inside the playroom.


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