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Micro-electronics And Clothing

RRP $256.99

Garment making has traditionally been as a conservative industry in terms of technical innovation. Micro-Electronics and Clothing examines this old industry in relation to a very new family of technologies--micro-electronics. Hoffman and Rush explore the likely effects of micro-electronic innovations on international trade in garments. The ask, "will the new technology permit the garment industry in the industrialized countries to meet competition from Thirld World exporters more effectively so that import penetration is stopped and reversed?" After examining this question from a variety of angles, the authors suggest that there will be a transitional period between the mid-1980s and the mid-1990s during which the technological transformation of the sector will proceed at a relatively slow pace. They also offer suggestions for Third World clothing exporters who may be technologically advanced enought to take advantage of this transitional period to improve their competitiveness and their position in the market. In addition to research in trade and business sources, this book is based on interviews with clothing manufacturers, capital goods suppliers to the clothing industry, industry consultants, industry associations, and official industry bodies. As a result, the authors have produced a case study in how innovations emerge from ideas and how the structure and organization of an industry influence the spread of new techniques.

A Seal In Wolf's Clothing

RRP $13.99

Her instincts tell her he's dangerous...

While her overprotective brother's away, Meara Greymere's planning to play-and it wouldn't hurt to find herself a mate in the process. The last thing she needs is one of his SEAL buddies spoiling her fun, even if the guy is the hottest one she's ever seen...

His powers of persuasion are impossible to resist...

Finn Emerson is a battle-hardened Navy SEAL and alpha wolf. He's a little overqualified for baby-sitting, but feisty Meara is attracting trouble like a magnet...

As the only responsible alpha male in the vicinity, Finn is going to have to protect this intriguing woman from a horde of questionable men, and definitely from himself...

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

RRP $32.99

While a cruise ship with Ann written across the bow floats unassumingly on the ocean waves, a band of pirates speeds towards them. As the pirates get closer, they can see women running towards cannons and machine guns that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The machine guns fired with pin point accuracy and the pirates could see they were out gunned and tried to run. But Ann, the cruise ship had become Ann the Raider, and she surely was "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing."

Models, Logics, And Higher-dimensional Categories

RRP $434.99

This book deals with the main themes in Mihaly Makkai's research career: traditional model theory, categorical model theory and logics, and higher-dimensional category theory. Included are both research papers and survey papers, giving useful material for experts and students in these fields. Particularly valuable are papers that show how the techniques and understanding in one field can be productively applied to another; examples are the paper by Harnik, which explains how Shelah's $T^{eq}$ construction (in model theory) is the same as the categorical notion of pretopos completion; the paper by Kamensky, which gives category-theoretic treatments of sophisticated notions from stability theory; and the paper by Prest relating categorical logic and the model theory of modules. These and other papers in this volume should make this a valuable resource for any mathematician interested in classical or categorical model theory or higher dimensional category theory.

How To Build A Clothing Boutique Business

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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